What Should You Look for in a Wedding Videographer?

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You may have already decided you'd like to hire a wedding videographer, but there's still a lot to think about. First, do you want to have your entire day captured on video, or just the ceremony? Are you hoping for a chronological look at your nuptials, or do you prefer a more cinematic film with different parts of the day all mixed together? With varying video styles, personality types, and working styles, you'll want to be sure you've found a videographer who checks all of your boxes. But what exactly should you look for in the pro you choose? We break it down.

Someone whose style aligns with yours.

Whether they shoot documentary style or more cinematic, you want to be sure the videographer you're working with has a well-developed look and feel to their work.

A videographer who can work well with your photographer.

Consider asking your photographer for any videographer recommendations. Since these two will have to work in tandem, knowing they already have good chemistry and have previously captured weddings together can make a huge difference. While any professional should be able to work with well with the rest of your vendor team, a pre-existing rapport can't hurt.

A professional who knows his or her limits.

A six or eight-hour video package makes for a very long day. If your videographer is a pro, they'll likely bring along a second shooter or assistant to help manage the equipment, schedule, and shot list. Read More...


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Article was originally published on: January 11, 2018