Planning the Wedding? Do’s and Don’ts For An Awesome Indian Wedding

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Planning your wedding ceremony? Sweat it now, think it through and we ensure you that it will closely resemble the dream you're chasing after! The Wedding planning process is a biggie - with scales and coordination which can shame any Delhi or Mumbai exec to another plane. Officewalahs - this is hard work. It has it all - budgeting, financing, lead generation, calls on calls, recce trips, fitting sessions, seating, remembering gifts and guests with deft ease. And still managing to look ten million bucks after it all!

Your wedding is going to be the biggest day of your life! Work with efficient Wedding checklists and softwares. But before you get into the midst of it all, take it in. Breathe and take out some time, effort and patience to deal with these Wedding Planning Do's and Don'ts. And we assure you that your wedding would be a roaring success.

Wedding Planning Do's:

Here are the top 5 Wedding Planning Do's which can make your D-Day a roaring success!

1. Discuss and decide

What: Scale of Marriage, Type of Ceremonies, Wedding Festivities, Photoshoots

How: Stay Connected

With Whom: Your Partner!

You decided on an 'I Do' with him/her. Gear up for your first test. Your partner is your balance wheel when it comes to planning for your wedding. They have their own dreams, aspirations and expectations on what they want their Wedding Day to be. Listen up! This also lets you get an insight into their ideas and personality. And that's helpful in getting the kind of memories both of you would cherish in the years to come!

It might be a case of perfect synchronisation! Or a case of opposites colliding! You may be the Band Baaja Bride, talking to a person who wants a Court Shaadi. Or vice versa. Talk it through and move around these pieces deftly. Who knows - it could also end up becoming a classic idea behind your pre-wedding photo shoot! Read More...


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